I like to live my life and express myself in more simple terms. Sometimes they are so simple that I make up words to express myself. I think this is a great leftover skill from childhood.

Some people often perceive me as this mighty intellect, but I say nope to that. I do like to mull through complex thought puzzles at times, but I am not one to hang out too high on the abstraction ladder. Writer though I may be, I am not great at pontificating because I like to steer my ideas to simplicity.

Whoosh is a great example.

It’s a word I coined the other day to represent the sometimes intense blast of energy that I have felt while hugging people under special situations — and what they have felt when hugging me. It’s much more fun to call it whooshing then to strap it down for intellectual analysis of kundalini energy states and chakra alignment.

A couple of days ago I wrote this:

Sometimes words just won’t do.

Words are wonderful, full of zip, full of zap, but sometimes they just won’t do. Sometimes they don’t express what is going on deep inside.

Not like a whooshing hug does.

I am awakening from my year-long slumber like a bear from an extended hibernation holiday.

I want to hug someone and feel the force of it whooshing my heart out. (OMG, my whoosh feels like Yosemite Falls whooshing sideways!)

Then to feel the whoosh answered.

I want to feel her quiver in my arms, a whoosh generator like me.

We crave whooshing.

(What do you truly yearn for?)

When whoosh flows, all we feel is whoosh.

The outer world melts away — only whoosh is left.

Be here now.

Whoosh here now.

3 thoughts on “Whoosh!

  1. KraftedKhaos says:

    I have a friend who hugs this way. Even if you don’t feel the ‘whoosh’, everyone who knows him will tell you that he gives the best hugs ever, and that after hugging him, you feel lighter, happier, and a little bit something you can’t put words to.

    When I’m feeling sad, and he comes around, I always tell him I need a hug, and it’s like every care I had gets pushed away, at least for a while.

    Those are the hugs you are talking about, I think. And those are the hugs I have on my list to learn, lol. I want to be able to give them to others who need them, not just benefit from them myself.

    I want to give the best hugs ever, too.

    • Joshua Bagby says:

      Yes, hugging has created an opportunity for energy exchange. This can take on various degrees of intensity depending on the situation. It can create the slow “feel good” feeling of being energetically filled up (ie feeling lighter, happier.) Or on special occasions it can provide a much more intense energy blast exchange that some have likened to an energy orgasm. I will probably write about this in more detail at some future time.

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