Life in Earth School

It helps me greatly, especially during times of stress or loneliness, to think of life on this planet as Earth School. As souls we chose to send ourselves here to learn lessons about love, sweet love.


“Woo-hoo! Woo-Woo U!”

Earth School is a great metaphor for me to get behind because in regular schools, we are given challenges that have been designed by teachers to lead us to a higher awareness. Even though as students we realize that we are enrolled in a reality simulator, we still know that we are in a protected place where we are being taught. There are consequences for failing and growing pains as we learn, but still we know it is school and there is assistance if we want it.

It helps me rally my strength and look for innovative solutions to problems when I think that the obstacles and challenges have been placed there by design. Much of the spiritual reading that I do seems to concur that we are students in Earth School. There is a plan to all of this and chaos is not it.

So even though we’re taught to “face reality” here, it’s still an illusion. So they say anyway.


I like to wonder who designs the lessons and who does the teaching in Earth School? The spiritual literature indicates many different scenarios, always difficult for those of us who want consistency in our visions of cosmic reality. Does God teach us/help us? Does Jesus? Do angels? Do spirit guides and ascended masters? When it is said that “we” create our own realities, what exactly is the “we” part? Our conscious selves? Our soul selves? Our oversouls? The god who created the oversouls?

Just as we sometimes resent our teachers and professors for the rigors they create for us, I think we sometimes have issues with our spiritual guides and teachers. If that teacher is our oversoul, the master curriculum coordinator of our reincarnational journey, it poses some fascinating dynamics. When something really bad happens, do we ask, “Why did God allow this to happen to me?” Or, “Why did I (the part that creates my reality) let this happen to me?” Or “What is my dear oversoul thinking?”

Why was I let go from my cool job? Why did I that car run into me in the prime of life? Why did I get dumped? Why was I cheated on? Why did I get robbed? Why did I catch ___? Why did ___ ? Why was ___?

Was it all planned as a lesson?

Still in all, I like working with the Earth School concept. It has become a great tool for me to put problems into perspective — to think of them as a puzzle to artfully solve. It’s better than thinking of myself as a victim of chance.

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