Dream lovers

Dream loversI continue to be enthralled with my dream lovers. And yes, by dream lovers I mean those intriguing women who show up when I am asleep — or awake in some other dimension.

Some of the times I know them as people who have lives here on Earth that at some point intertwined with mine — dream versions of physical-life lovers. Other times they are quite new to me — new to the Joshua Bagby brain, I mean. In the dream world we are either old friends (even though I don’t know them in physical reality) or we are strangers who become instant lovers. My dream world has its own reality.

I am excited to consider the possibilities of who these people are in this meta-reality I share in dreams. Some of the behaviors that happen or the assumptions made in dreams are quite simply not of this time and space. They show worlds flowing with different possibilities, different ethics, different beliefs. The thought occurred to me that maybe they are relationships from the future.


In The Last Frontier, Dr. Julia Assante introduced the idea that I could contact my future lives.  Julia apparently met one of her future incarnations, a guy with an edgy sense of humor. He kidded her about her tardiness when she finally figured out how to leave her body, time travel, and meet him. It gives the impression that time travel is old hat in the future. It also implies that maybe some of the dreams I have and the relationships I enjoy in those dreams are part of my soul’s future, a future incarnation.


Something I love about my dreams is that they often introduce new paradigms for living. For instance, for me and my dream lovers, sex is so different. It hardly ever looks like modern day erotica, either mainstream or pornstream. It’s as if the rules written for sexual conduct here don’t apply to conduct there, and I must say, it’s an improvement.

It’s so much more about love there — being loving, being friendly, being caring. Even when things happen that in this world would be placed high on the kink-o-meter, the most important ingredient in that world is love. It’s love empowered in the now. I may meet a stranger, fall instantly in love, and off we go with wondrous affection and no worries. Kinda paradisiacal.

It also intrigues me how dreams featuring current or former lovers from physical life sometimes show entirely different personalities and realities. For instance, I clearly remember a dream where a lover who abruptly abandoned me in our teenage years showed up all lovey dovey in subsequent dreams. I have learned not to interpret these happy endings as signs from heaven, but it is still great fun to ponder the spiritual reality behind these dreams.

Dream lovers provide windows into other ways of being, and I am always grateful for the reminders and the loving energy they provide. I don’t dismiss them as just”brain fiction” or wish fulfillment. I honor them as a form of spirit communication from the deep pool of inspiration.

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