Out-of-the-closet woo-woo

Last night I went to an IANDS group in Saratoga, California and listened to author Luis Minero speak about out-of-body experiences. He’s lost count of the times that he has detached his consciousness from his physical body and explored different dimensions of reality.

The sensation of mine that I am most eager to share with you is how utterly normal out-of-body experiences were for this man. Normal. Ordinary. No big deal to do — but a very big deal how significant it is to be able to do it. When you know about how to do it, the world opens up in incredible ways.

In the meantime, just earlier that afternoon I finished reading Proof of Heaven, the new best-seller written by neurosurgeon Eben Alexander about his extraordinary near-death experience, as if any near-death experience isn’t extraordinary!

One of the themes quite regularly repeated throughout his book is how — before his NDE — Eben politely listened to his patients talk about their paranormal experiences, but through the veil of all his medical training, he knew that his patients were misguided. According to his best knowledge, the primo information that the scientific-medical community has put forth, their brains were incapable of what they all told him happened to them. He essentially ignored them. Flat out didn’t listen — until it happened to him.

My dominating thought through receiving all of this input is why aren’t the mainstream media spending more time with this stuff? The news and newspapers drone on with all the regular soap opera and melodrama, often increasing our fear of death and sensitivity to conflict, and yet here not very far away in a book or at a meeting at a church are examples of out-of-the-closet woo-woo in the very public eye.

Paradigms are wobbling and may soon fall. It’s an exciting time to be alive. Weird is the new normal.

One thought on “Out-of-the-closet woo-woo

  1. KraftedKhaos says:

    Who is easier to control? Those living in fear [of death] or those living in the security of the knowledge that they cannot go wrong by doing right?

    What’s one of the biggest marketing ploys out there? Illusion of Scarcity. What better way for “name your villain here” to keep the population at large in line, than to make them believe that the life they have is the only one they get, and by stepping out of line, they will lose it? It’s quite clever, actually.

    Why do people fear governments? Because they are Hydra… for every head you cut off, two more grow back to replace it. An impossible battle. But what if the people knew that they would come back as well? That they are not a singular-life-time being, but a continual player in the battle of good vs. evil? What if they knew that standing up wouldn’t be the end, but merely a doorway to a new beginning?

    Chaos would ensue.

    THAT is why you don’t read about it in the paper or hear about it in the news.

    At least, that’s my opinion.

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