Reaching beyond loneliness (of all kinds)


I began this site on a whim — to network with people — without much deliberation on exactly how I was going to do that. I thought I would explore that topic a bit here and now.

Something I have noticed is that there are many flavors of loneliness. There’s the ever-popular yet dreaded romantic loneliness. There’s situational loneliness such as when you encounter a situation or challenge and have no one to share your story with. There’s what I call “spiritual loneliness” where you feel that you can’t share who you really are with anyone because you don’t trust that they will get you. There’s loneliness within relationships where much of the love has vaporized and, well, it’s complicated.

Loneliness is everywhere. I think most of us feel it some of the time and too many feel it most of the time.


As terminology, soul embraces to me means reaching out to people from a soul-level consciousness. It’s putting into practice the idea that we are all eternal souls living a physical experience in Earth School to learn about universal love. We embrace each other spiritually — no matter what the physical or romantic circumstances might be. We understand that everyone is working through life lessons and that we are all both teacher and student.

In any of the flavors of loneliness mentioned above, a soul embrace would be two (or more) souls sharing in the context of healing the particular flavor of loneliness. If someone is romantically lonely, the healing would be there. If someone is grieving over the death of a loved one or a relationship break-up, a soul embrace would send healing there.

A soul embrace may be physical or sensual love, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. It’s being open-hearted, nurturing, healing, empathic, inspirational. Soul embraces fit the situation whether you are in person or on Skype or on the phone or communing in chat or email.

Fine, but how do we do that? How do we get there?


My vision is to create a site where people come to learn about soul embraces and transcending loneliness. Simply by coming here and perhaps posting a comment to a relevant blog post, they will also be announcing their existence to the reading community. From there, anything can happen.

I call this connecting the dots. This is how relationships are made. I have always had great trust in the universe to lead me to people and people to me. We go where we are needed or wanted or have been divinely appointed.

By describing your situation, the particular flavor of loneliness you are dealing with, you can wave the flag of your dot. Maybe someone will see it who waves a similar dot on his or her flag. By the power of universal serendipity, you may find the right friend, someone who can empathize with you. Even if that doesn’t happen, I think the exploration on transcending loneliness will be quite valuable.

This is not intended to be a commercial (paid) site or an overt matchmaking site. Rather, it’s just people connecting with people through their stories. I am definitely hoping to expand my own friendship network, and soon I will post my own story to wave the flag of my dot.

Back before email, I was at the hub of a little printed and snail mailed publication called Enlighten. I discovered that people (including myself) made connections that would have been considered wild long shots if meeting had been their intention. People from different states met and formed relationships. It was an unlikely connect-the-dot medium, but it was right for some people.

I believe something similar could happen here despite seeming low odds. These days we have enormous networking power with Facebook, Twitter, other blogs, etc. If just twenty of us posted blog post links on Facebook, for example, that would increase the flow of people coming by.

I know I want to make new friends with whom I can find rapport at a deeper level. Maybe you do, too. Maybe this is a good way.

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