Is sizzling sex a spiritually transformative experience?

Spiritually transformative experience

Ever since I became sexually aware (let alone active) I have held a high regard for this amazing phenomenon — for sex. It made an immediate impact on me as something awesome — truly awesome when the word awesome still meant filled with awe.

Stepping back for a sec. The family I grew up in was not particularly religious. I wonder if dry, sanitized Presbyterianism even qualifies as a religion. This is really to say that I never got much of an inspired, feel-good vision of who or what God and Jesus were from my childhood church or Sunday school. The whole idea of going to heaven to live with God fell ker-plunk on the church floor for me. Couldn’t relate. Made little sense. There were no dots to connect.

Yet after my first French kiss somewhere in the haze of high school (thank you, Mona Miner) something made sense. This was the most delicious sensation I had yet encountered. I was immediately grateful to the brains behind this totally yummy creation.

God created this? Wow! Compliments to the chef-in-chief.

It was this readily available source of bliss — natural and free — that inspired me to wonder more about the universe and the God who created it.


It irks and saddens me how so much of our modern culture has cheapened the sexual dance. Often it’s not placed much higher on the evolutionary food chain than gutter slime.

For me one of the main repercussions of this gutterizing trend is that saying something like “I enjoy sex” is likely to draw snickers, groans, and wisecracks. This doesn’t happen if you say, “I love exploring exotic temples and cathedrals.”

Most religions embrace sexuality only if it is practiced in accord with their strict specifications. If you aren’t a monogamous, married heterosexual having come aboard as a virgin, you’re in deep doo-doo.

Not often do we characterize sex as a spiritually transformative experience, but for me it was.


Experiences I had that could be considered sexual also led to true, no-drugs-involved ecstasy. (I have to include the no-drugs part because nowadays so much written about ecstasy is about drugs.) The most intense experiences were fully clothed hugging or cuddling extravaganzas that brought on ever-intensifying energy surges. They eventually reached crescendo in powerful ecstatic bursts. I’ve heard them described as energy orgasms, and in my experience they dwarf in strength the more conventional variety of Mighty O!

The pleasure shooting through us like a gale was so intense that we could only stay in ecstasy a few seconds in real time. Experiences like this left a powerful residue of curiosity about their nature. When you get into it just a little you start hearing about tantra and the merging of spirituality and sexuality from sources that do not separate the two. The real-life, in-the-body experience of ecstasy is transformative! It resets the bar for what a sexual experience can be, far, far away from gutter slime.

Find out for yourself. To start just be open to the idea that sex (or hugging, cuddling, any display of affection) has the potential to generate spiritually-charged thoughts or feelings. Be open. Stay aware.

At the very least, spirituality creates a sexually transformative experience.

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