Hide your best moments? Huh?


The graphic above was a Facebook post I saw on my newsfeed today. As a self-proclaimed intimacy junkie, I found its implications ironic and sad. I understand that this sign was most likely intended for its chuckle value, a little ha-ha, and that I am definitely capable of over-thinking anything!

Still, consider the philosophy behind this quip. You cannot share the best moments of your life? For whatever reason you need to censor the greatest things that happen to you?

One of the first considerations here is that if your best moments must remain cloaked in secrecy, where do you start sharing? At what point are things okay to share?

Another implication is that if everyone is keeping their greatest moments secret, that leaves the area of safe normal conversation socked deep in the fog of mediocrity, does it not? It means that we have to make up things to fill up the conversation platter while sidestepping the good stuff.

Have you ever wondered why so much ordinary conversation is filled with complaints, with crap? Or have you ever wondered why ordinary conversation is so short on moments of great ecstasy, enthusiasm, juice?

So yeah, this little graphic was intended for a chuckle, but its beneath-the-radar message is don’t be authentic. Hide your best moments.

It seems to me that this world would be vastly improved if we gave voice to our best moments and created more best moments for all.

One thought on “Hide your best moments? Huh?

  1. Ricardo Jorge says:

    Maybe people don’t want to make it sound like they’re bragging. Still, I guess the moments they mean to describe there are the usual “private” ones that most people don’t share (a thing I never understood, but still do a bit too much because it’s the norm)

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