What does sex look like?


Look with new eyes and discover a whole new experience

In our mass-produced media culture, we all think we know what sex looks like. We think it is a no brainer. We have become accustomed to how it is depicted on camera. The people who rate the movies that we watch know it when they see it, and they put it in the box called Sexual Content. And just about everyone alive knows it when they see it, too.

Yet here’s the deal: despite all we think we know about how sex looks, we’re conditioned mostly to see it as an external experience. Sex on the outside. What about sex on the inside?

Besides all the ways sexual activity looks on the outside, on what a camera can capture, the real juice of sex is internal: thoughts, feelings, sense perceptions, extrasensory perceptions.

If we weren’t so afraid as a social norm to discuss the topic of sexuality, we might discover a huge wilderness of blissful exploration available to anyone. It’s free. Just tune in.


When we make love like robots performing much-practiced routines, we miss out. Making love is rich with possibilities, especially when merged with artistic or spiritual consciousness.

For example, I have always loved looking at reflections in water. Totally uplifts me seeing all the beautiful colors interacting with each other. Water reflections are rich with natural symbolism as light makes love with water.

Granted that water reflections are not everyone’s erotic cup of tease, but for me, I often see inner visions of color swirling around. It is an inner language. Thoughts, feelings, and perceptions often express themselves inside these internal visions. For example, a physical sensation that I am experiencing with a lover’s body may show up in my inner world as an abstract work of art.

We are at a time and place where we often have a very materialistic, realistic grasp of our world. That’s why sex is so often shown in such a straight-forward, non-symbolic way. What you see is what you get.

When you see beyond what you see, when you see with your mind, ooh, baby.

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