Rest in ecstasy

Rest in Ecstasy

Rest in Ecstasy

From so many accounts that I have heard or read, the moment of dying is a piece of cake. It is a release of being cooped up inside the body and sprung into a state of extraordinary freedom. It’s like waking up from a dream. One moment you’re here, the next moment youre there.

Unless you’re steeped in spiritual literature, the idea probably sounds strange that dying can be considered so much fun. In most media it’s usually portrayed with much agony and sadness. In the minds of many it also ends consciousness. Those who cling to life often cling to the idea that flat-lining means oblivion.

Social media has of course given us more opportunities to hear the classic “Rest in Peace” or RIP. Whenever a celebrity dies I’ll often see the phrase copiously repeated in the feeds. When I see the phrase now, my brain overrides it with “Rest in Ecstasy.”

My own mom died 14 months ago and one of the visions I had of her shortly after she passed was of her as a younger woman dancing in the streets of heaven, ecstatic that she was done with her arthritis and her walker. That’s what I mean by Rest in Ecstasy.

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