A secret of old(er) age

tvmanI have decided why it is a cliche that older people are filled with fear. Have you paid attention to all the mind food we/they digest?

There is so much fear-mongering that goes on. Some of it is on purpose, like endless TV commercials designed to scare you into making purchases or endless political speeches designed to scare you into voting a certain way.

Some of it is more the habits the media had handed down from generation to generation. We think it is normal to be fed crap that we don’t even think we have a choice. We accept crap.

Last night I was watching “Invisible War,” the Oscar-nominated documentary about sexual assaults in the military. Watching these heart-wrenching and infuriating stories about abusing soldiers who are already victims of sexual assaults was just another case of watching another hallowed institution (be all that you can be) revealed for being a cesspool of tragedy-making.

A roadside attraction for me of watching that documentary was realizing how many documentaries I have seen that quintessentially show shit.

So after hit after hit of that kind of programming, where does it leave me? Where does it leave anyone? Every time I watch something like that I lose more trust in our used-to-be-sacred institutions.

The older I and you get, the more crap I and you see. The more we digest the poison-filled mind food. I start hallucinating that everyone is out to get me. (No, I am not talking any full-fledged paranoia attacks, just ordinary consciousness.)

I see no special rules or regulations in the media that would inhibit someone from programming more solution-oriented films and shows. And there are places on the Internet like ted.com that do just that. So we individuals can find our own solutions, our own healthy mind food. Still, if we want to talk global change, I think it’s time to make we the people — we the audience — more aware of the mind food we are eating. If enough of us decide it’s crap, we could demand something different.

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