My next life in Earth School

Woman-in-windowI have read extensively about reincarnation and life between lives and near-death experiences where people explore other dimensions of reality. A thought I often entertain, and one that entertains me in return, is trying to imagine my next life.

To me this has become a wake-up call. It’s actually pretty scary. Oh, the woes of abundant empathy!

I’ve had a lot of friends who grew up in abusive situations. Listening to their tales of being mentally tortured, raped, and so on leaves me wondering if I’m so sure I want to come back for another life. What if I ended up in a family like that?

The American Dream is a lot different than it was in the 1950s and 1960s when I was a child.  Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best and The Donna Reed Show and The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet were the social benchmarks of what American family life was like. Those ideals are long gone. These days those ideals are fodder for criticism and sarcasm. Life out there has gotten much more brutal.


I often think it would be an improvement in society if we reached the tipping point and realized that we are most likely coming back to this planet many times over. How we treat the planet today literally creates our home for tomorrow. The planet we inherit in our next lifetime is the one we either nurtured or destroyed today. In other words, consequences.

What if we were brought up as kids pledging allegiance to that viewpoint? What if we were raised from early childhood to understand that we will be coming back. We cannot destroy this planet (including groups of people on this planet) to satisfy our current needs if we want to return to a healthy planet in our future lives. No magic Santa Claus will fix the mess we created through our avarice and neglect.

I often wonder why science and government have been so slow in investigating the nature of death and the possibility (probability?) of reincarnation. We seem to be much more interested in developing new weapons systems (gee I wonder who profits from that?) over answering cosmic questions that could truly revolutionize life on our planet. It’s almost as if the veil of ignorance is being kept over our heads on purpose. Gee, I wonder who profits from that?

When I grew up, I heard repeatedly that the Russians wanted to A-bomb the crap out of us. What if I would have grown up repeatedly hearing that if we bombed the crap out of some other country, we would have to spend another lifetime living as a child in a country that had the crap continually bombed out of it?


Within my own belief system, I believe that if I am filled with hatred, prejudice, and malice against an ethnic group or a gender, there’s a good chance that I will have to come back and experience it myself. So for example if I were to abuse or exploit women,  a future life would see me incarnating as a girl with a soul contract with others for them to similarly abuse or exploit me.

Looking at reincarnating as a female while I am currently ensconced in a male body shines a very interesting light on the subject. Would I retain any of the insights that I have amassed as a sometimes brooding, usually sensitive male who loved a few times and lost? Would I understand male longing for female love? Or would I come back, encounter a bunch of hardships directly related to being a woman, like being exploited and abused, and in turn develop a new, seething hatred for men? (and would it actually be new, considering I’m not crazy how men in general treat women?)

Logically, many solutions to social problems could be embedded in and inspired by the knowledge that we do, indeed, come back and that we do, indeed, experience what we have sown — even if those seeds had been genetically modified.

Happily, this works in the other direction, too. The more we nurture the planet, champion diversity, cooperate and love one another, the more we build homes for tomorrow that we will like to return to.

4 thoughts on “My next life in Earth School

  1. nikkir1972 says:

    Reincarnation is not a particular belief of mine. I have more of a traditional sense, and I like the idea of reaching the end and getting to rest, lol.
    It’s also not a subject I have researched in any depth either. Perhaps you can enlighten me, and assuage my curiosity.
    Can you only come back as a human, or perhaps an animal? What about a stagnant object such as a building or tree?
    Do those that are reincarnated retain knowledge of their previous life and self? I suppose it would come down to how those who are believers of reincarnation define the idea of a soul. Perhaps better put, do we retain our entire self, or just elements and a vague sense of who we were before? What are your thoughts on this?
    As someone who believes in one God but is not “religious” or a church goer…I have ideas that are also on the fringe in many respects of traditional Christianity. Just as America was considered the great experiment, I believe this entire planet is a grand experiment. If you see the Bible as a book of history and nothing more, then it tells us that the earth was destroyed and rebuilt because of what it had become and what the people had done. When it speaks of Revelation, perhaps when it is over the Earth will begin again, and again, a new start with new people trying to be “better.” A sort of planetary reincarnation?
    Woah….shall we take a trip down the esoteric highway?:)
    “Progress” doesn’t always seem, like progress, most often because the proponents shun what has worked before, shun any and of all forms of what was considered an “ideal;” and tossed it. It MUST be new, it must be different, but perhaps it isn’t a tried and true that has led us astray, but the chaotic drive for change. By all means, we should make improvements, unless it forces people into pretending to be someone their not, or having to live in a way that’s not their own. When stifled and/or enslaved, people cannot better themselves or grow.
    Good blog always:)

    • Joshua Bagby says:

      You ask good questions, and I see another blog post (or even a few) to answer them. You and I are on the same page as far as it goes with believing in one God but not following a religion or being a church-goer. I lost interest in church in my teen years, especially when churches across the US supported the Vietnam War. It made no sense. What part of “thou shalt not kill” don’t you get? Instead I went on my own spiritual journey.

      These days I love the concept that this is Earth School. We are here to learn. We are here to explore and create. This may harmonize with your idea that the planet is a grand experiment. Stay tuned,

  2. N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ says:

    ” So for example if I were to abuse or exploit women, a future life would see me incarnating as a girl with a soul contract with others for them to similarly abuse or exploit me.”

    Hi Joshua. You’ve got my thinking juices flowing this morning. 🙂 I really appreciate your sensitivity, especially towards women. The problem I have with the traditional view of reincarnation is that it sends the message that women who have been abused are paying the price of a previous life of abusing others? Slaves, too. It would seem the cycle would continue if we see others who are suffering as a sign of retribution for ills of a previous life.

    Does a human being starve to death every 5 seconds because he/she was greedy in a previous life? And if we are aware of ‘karma’, would our motives for doing right unto others be more of an action of self-preservation for the next life as opposed to just doing what’s right to our fellow sojourners? Traditional thought on reincarnation also doesn’t seem to address behaviors caused when the brain is dis-eased, and/or damaged, and/or is greatly affected — wired/rewired by the environment, including culture. Traditional thought on reincarnation appears to have gaps and doesn’t address issues with regard to the impact of living in an organic, electric body.

    “I often wonder why science and government have been so slow in investigating the nature of death and the possibility (probability?) of reincarnation.”

    I have studied a good bit about near-death experiences and was happy to run across Todd Murphy’s research, a neuroscientist. Since I’m also interested in electromagnetic fields and frequencies, the theory is quite plausible in my opinion. If you haven’t already seen it, I think you will find it fascinating. —

    The lecture is titled “Darwinian Reincarnation”. Murphy’s theory treats rebirth as a human behavior from the perspective of biological evolution. This talk, which describes “algorithmic reincarnation” was published in the Journal for Near-Death Studies, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog postings, here and on your other site. There are many things you said that resonated with me.

    Happy weekend,

    • Joshua Bagby says:

      Victoria, this reply won’t even begin to address everything you have brought up here! I want to acknowledge your comment and thank you for the link, which looks very interesting indeed. I cannot say that I am functioning under any “traditional” view of reincarnation. My view stems from reading and YouTube videos and my own inner guidance (which can also write great fiction!) Many have puzzled over the idea of this life’s challenges being directly related to a previous life’s naughty behavior. I’ll probably puzzle over it in a future blog post.

      I frequently ponder reincarnation with a huge sense of fun. For example, sometimes I think that being born a white male is my karma for having been critical of them in a previous life as a woman. (They probably deserved that criticism, but nevertheless I got to learn that it is no picnic on this side of the gender divide, either.) Humor is great medicine.

      My latest thinking on reincarnation is less linear. It’s more along the lines that our soul assigns us a bunch of physical lifetimes. Sometimes we’re cast as monsters and sometimes as victims and lots in between. The whole body of our experience is intended to teach us about love. It’s not so much the reward or punishment model. That said, a friend of mine had an NDE as a younger woman where she relived a pre-incarnation soul meeting where her father (in this life) agreed to abuse her in this life. Reliving this during her NDE helped my friend deal with her abuse issues with her father once back in physical life.

      So many cosmic mysteries, so little time! Thank you for commenting.

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