Phone calls from heaven

phone-heavenI read this note this morning while attempting some research on the paranormal.  It was an opening paragraph on a blog post about phone calls from the dead.

Imagine it’s a quiet evening. Earlier in the day a funeral was attended of a beloved family member. Suddenly, the telephone rings. Upon answering the telephone, the voice of the deceased loved one is on the other end. Sound like the opening of a scary science fiction movie? According to some people, phone calls from the dead are real.


This is important.

“Sound like the opening of a scary science fiction movie?”


I contend that a huge amount of people, especially in the so-called civilized countries, have been raised to look at psychic phenomenon as scary stuff. Their diet of input about spirits consists primarily of horror films and eerie ghost stories. It’s all about the evil and horrific side of death.

What if death wasn’t automatically perceived as scary?

Many people who have had near-death experiences report that dying is a piece of cake. Some report that it is like waking up from a sleep dream to your waking reality. Many comment that dying is easy — coming back to physical life is not, especially if there are massive injuries associated with the original NDE

I think it would be great if we started viewing death and dying as less tragic and more natural. The mythology about dying is intense, and generally runs quite contrary to what people who have had NDEs say. In other words, people who’ve had NDEs would look at news reports about dying and have a much different impression about what happened than the news would indicate.


I am leaning towards the belief that so many people resist learning about death and afterlife because they are afraid of discovering that we are held accountable for our actions here on the planet. If they ignore that possibility, they don’t have to worry if they are proud of the life they are living.

Phone calls to and from heaven may sound preposterous, but apparently no less than Thomas Edison had it on his to-do list.

For me, learning about dying and afterlife through reading and listening gives me a great new perspective on life. The idea of receiving phone calls from spirits of so-called dead people is exciting and positive. Contrary to being scared by the prospect, I welcome it as part of the process of evolving life on this planet — as long as this does not include scary telemarketers.

9 thoughts on “Phone calls from heaven

  1. nikkir1972 says:

    I always enjoy reading your blogs and how you look at things. You have a great mind!:)
    Death isn’t an end all for me either. I think we view it somewhat differently, and that’s okay. I am of the opinion for myself that my time on this earth IS for me to learn and to experience. If time, according to the Bible is eternal, then I am a being in my infantile stage. Heaven is a place to develop, NOT to live on a cloud and strum a harp. I will grow into the person I am supposed to be, for perhaps eternity. I might live 70, 80 years and be “complete” as far as a human being, but as a spiritual being I am still sucking my thumb. I look forward to death as a means of discovery.
    I don’t think I have to just vegetate here until that time, but all means I should continue learning and growing…and I plan to do that:)
    Not sure if I was entirely on topic or not.
    LOL @ telemarketers!!!

    • Joshua Bagby says:

      I think that all of life is a growth experience. When we solve one challenge or reach one plateau, we’ll discover something else. Every lifetime spent in 3D earth is like a chapter in a much larger novel filled with lifetime chapters. I am always looking for new adventures whether they’re in this life with this body or in some future place. (And I am very thankful that I have not had to take employment as a telemarketer in this life; hopefully I won’t in any others, too!)

  2. commeants says:

    Death on one’s own terms is the death you talk about. The kind of death that’s easy. Death by organ donation is not an easy death. It’s a slow terror because you can’t negotiate with yourself at all…. You are still alive, under attack and having your organs taken out–pieces of yourself that you need to help the easy, integral, organic (!) dying process which you have a human right to experience. You’re also lying there realizing you made a huge mistake when you signed the organ donor card. Talk about stress.

    • Joshua Bagby says:

      I suspect there are some very unpleasant ways to die, and I think it will take a much greater lens than we have available to us in mortality to understand the cosmic system. For example, if we as spirits choose how we are going to die, which some say we as souls do, how do we make that choice? What is the rationale or the karma or the experience our soul says it needs? Part of the point of this post to which you are responding is that society in general has not done much to present a positive vision of death. We’re more into scaring the crap out of each other.

  3. Trèsors De Luxe { tresorsdeluxe } says:

    Spirit will communicate in many ways. Symbolism plays a big factor, random sightings of butterflies appearing from out of no where, same with hummingbirds, pennies face up usually right at your feet when you feel the urge to look down, and one of the most obvious ways, unexplained electrical happenings. It’s actually not all that uncommon…one only needs to be open to communicating with the other side to experience it.

    • Joshua Bagby says:

      The book “Hello from Heaven” gave many instances of ways in which spirits of those recently departed manifest back into the physical world. Some are very profound and in-your-face while others are subtle and as you say, symbolic. I adore thinking about the changes that would happen if a phone were actually invented that would allow communication between mortal and spirit.

    • Joshua Bagby says:

      Nice post, Melanie. A great way to find people willing to talk about death is to go to a local meeting of an IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) group. Over the years I have probably heard a hundred people talk about the time they “died.” Many of them joke about it because for them they have gotten the joke that death doesn’t truly kill us. It just takes out our bodies, but consciousness continues. Of coure there is lots to read about NDEs, but being face-to-face with a person talking about the experience is amazing.

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