Save us with ecstasy

save us with ecstasy

Here is one of my favorite ideas for how an extraterrestrial civilization could deal with the mayhem here on Planet Earth. Face it, we have become a nuisance with our unruly, destructive behavior. Something needs to be done before we ruin the entire planetary neighborhood.

The normal schtick is for alien civilizations to beat the crap out of us, or die trying. Hollywood bombards us with war movies like Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Star Wars, and so on, a modern twist on bang, bang, you’re dead. Sometimes it’s more like zap. zap.

But that all assumes that ETs are as primitive as we humans are. I don’t think so. I think they are love warriors. I think that they would choose to conquer us with ecstasy. No, not the drug. The real energy blasting deal.

This is not entirely an original concept. I remember back during the 1960s. I heard theories that sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll were actually part of a communist conspiracy. Sneaky Russians were rumored to use sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll to turn Americans from potential patriotic killers into war protesting pacifists. Those ingenious Russians had supposedly figured out a way to make love more attractive than war. Make love, not war.


Facilitating extreme pleasure makes a sensible conquest strategy. Neutralize any resistance to fighting by making life on Earth way too much fun. Make it indescribably delicious to be alive.

We know from all our military history that turning gentleman into killing machines involves indoctrinating them through fear techniques. Demonize the enemy and stir up righteous indignation — ironic that both sides do this about the other! People in power cannot muster soldiers unless the population is motivated enough to support a war. So people in power create a blitzkrieg of anti-enemy propaganda to rally the troops to kill the bastards.

It just makes uncommon sense that if life is too delicious, people will lose the will to fight. Put it this way: if you are in the middle of the hottest sex you have ever had in your life multiplied by a factor of a hundred, how motivated would you be to crawl out of the sack and into the foxhole on a sub-freezing night? Seriously.

Most wars invoke the theme that Americans are fighting for freedom. So as the Fugs noted in the 60s, we kill, kill, kill for peace (and feed the military industrial complex in the process.) But if potential soldiers are writhing around on top of their comfy beds in exquisite ecstasy, how would the hawk contingency motivate anyone to kill, kill, kill for anything?


Considering all the progress made in a wide variety of modern escape mechanisms, it seems that creating blissful diversions for humans would not be as complex as interplanetary rocket science. Just sayin’. Humans love to get addicted! We live in the United States of Addiction. Addiction is the true national pastime. Please pass the Oreos.

It has long been believed and practiced that fear and pain are the best motivators. However, we have not tried bliss, rapture, and ecstasy. We ignore the power of love. It’s as if we bought a 500 horsepower luxury car and never go over the speed limit. Huh? Really?

Normal everyday ecstasy, which we seldom hear about, is a natural energy surge that produces euphoria. We normally hear about feeling ecstatic after something happens, like overcoming a pathway of obstacles or feeling the thrill of victory. Not so. Unlike triumph or the thrill of victory, ecstasy just happens. The energy blast of unconditional love and goodness can appear from out of the blue.

Ecstasy runs counter to our materialistic society. We often think that we need to buy things to experience ecstasy. Buy the best car, experience ecstasy. Drink the best wine. Ingest the right intoxicant. Yet ecstasy is free and natural. Even though comparatively few people ever experience it, our bodies are ecstasy-ready.

People who have had near-death experiences report ecstasy when they encounter the light. It’s an overwhelming feeling of being loved, and it is just there like air. People who have transcendent sexual or mystical experiences (without nearly dying) also feel ecstasy. It is life-changing. They are never the same.

When it has happened to me, primarily through extended hugging, it was like suddenly and mysteriously being plugged into a surging energy force. I became a human vibrator. The joy I felt was beyond description.

Ecstasy produces some great side effects. The first is a sudden overwhelming faith in goodness. There has to be something grand and glorious behind this feeling! That in turn produces a caring for others. Once you have felt the light, darkness and anything associated with it becomes less desirable. Bliss is just so much more fun than foreign or domestic terrorism of any kind.


We would be sitting ducks for ecstasy were some ET civilization prepared to deliver it. We would not have to beam up, Scotty. Scotty could beam down waves of love.

The first step would be to put a trigger mechanism inside people. Not hard. Just produce a bunch of cookies that contained micro-chip activators baked within. How does any drug or cookie-pusher promote a product? You hand them out as cookie samples at Costco. Who doesn’t scarf up tasty freebies at Costco? Before anyone became the wiser, millions of people would be ecstasy-beam-ready. (Other countries without Costco could be handled similarly as I am sure free samples of sweets are easily devoured anywhere.)

To energize the chips, ETs could simply beam signals down like ordinary wi-fi. The beams from above would interact with the activator chips from Costco. A field of ecstasy would then erupt within the bodies of all those who’d eaten the samples. Think of the most amazing feelings you have ever had — the awe, the wonder, the unspeakable delights. That’s what would happen out of the blue.

The intense feelings of bliss experienced would positively neutralize (pun intended) any motivation to fight. Who would have the presence of mind to listen to Fox News if they were feeling the waves of ecstasy lapping up against the wind chimes of their consciousness? Who would care about political bile? Who would want to hurt anybody when they felt so awesome?

You may think this is entirely crazy, but the next time you’re at Costco about to pop a sample goody into your mouth, consider it. (And do you really know what’s in Oreos?)


Of course, waiting for ETs to implement this plan may unnecessarily stretch the time table. We could use our American ingenuity to deal with all the violence, terror, and fear-mongering with positive alternatives. Take some of those trillions we spend on war and spend it on care for the people.

I wonder what would happen if as a start, everyone on the planet was decently fed, hydrated, and clothed.  How much would that factor alone affect suffering, crime rates, and even health issues? What if our group priority became care for the people? What if “support our troops” meant “support our planet?”

I can just hear the retorts about welfare states and communism and all the rest. But in my mind all the “land of the free privileges” we have given the military industrial complex and big corporations to freely rape and pillage whatever they want has not produced a true home sweet home for the masses. Just look at Facebook. Do the masses seem happy?

Of course, for any global peace-making endeavor, I suspect we need to counter the foul voices that continue to incite people to angst and aggression. A sweeping educational campaign to ween people off of commercial TV, talk radio, and Hollywood violence would work wonders for mental and emotional health. Perfect harmony is a little more than buying the world a Coke.

Until the savior ETs arrive, perhaps we should be more mindful of what that other savior suggested that we do, “Love everyone!”


One of the highest visible among searchers for extraterrestrial intelligence is Dr. Steven Greer, whom depending on your source, is either a disclosure hero for exposing government-based UFO cover-ups or as some have put it is “batshit crazy.”  In what I have seen on YouTube, Greer insists that ETs want to love us, not destroy us. They are waiting for us to clean up our act before they give us all the answers they have acquired.

Just in principle, that is an interesting reflection on our mass social consciousness. Since we were children, we have ingested countless stories of invasions and conquests in comic books, radio shows, TV shows, movies, science fiction books, and so on. Is this why so many people think that ETs would want to harm us? Why would anyone assume it unless they have been a victim of rampant fear-mongering?

So even if you think that ETs are as fictitious as moon cheese, it pays to consider what mind food nourished our reality? Junk food? Gourmet organic?

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