Blogging provides a place where I can explore the topics that pique my interest. I just explore. I am not building a list or marketing anything. I am not writing for an editor or a bean counter. I am not trying to change the world by convincing you to see reality as I see reality. I am just playing with ideas that arouse my curiosity and passion, and if it gives you something good to ponder, all the better.

I was raised with pretty normal, middle-class values and sensitivities. I know how to be a conformist and say all the right things. At the same time, I find this route often yawn-worthy. It seems as if so many social institutions are created to divide and conquer us, not to unite us for the sake of spreading universal love.

I spent the major part of a lifetime trying to fit in. It was never a wildly happy fit. My imagination kept lobbing at me ways that life could be more fulfilling for the lot of us. The media culture taught me to live life with all the gusto I could because I only had one shot at it. Yet over and over, I saw our supposed “Land of the Free” stifle creative freedoms left and right. We were also taught to face reality, a term which strangely does not harmonize with bliss and joy.

Soul Embraces is my term for the concept that soul relationships are at the core of everything. We are so often conditioned to think in terms of material science: that brains think, that bodies make love, that when we die we cease to be. Soul Embraces reshuffles the deck on those ideas.

The term originated to describe that not just bodies hug. Souls hug, too. And if you are consciously aware of that when you embrace someone, you’re likely to have a deeper, richer experience.

It applies to more than hugging, of course. It applies to soul connections of many kinds for which hugging might be a sweet metaphor. The term reminds me that we have a spiritual purpose for our lives on this planet — that we aren’t just evolutionary accidents, that we aren’t just our bodies, that everyone matters.