My campaign to save dirty words

Harness the semantic power

Harness the semantic power of naughty words

All right, this is just the salvo, the launch pad of one of my pet campaigns. I will be writing much more about it if I don’t chicken out.

I happen to be a lover of dirty words. I think they’re great inventions. They’re fun. They’re filled with energy. They pop. They squirt. They jiggle. They sparkle.

Dirty words are especially delicious in the creation of erotic passion. They bring focus, clarity, verve, gusto to the fore. When strewn about in poetic ways, they are music to the ear.


So why do we have to use them to express ugly thoughts? Why can’t we save juicy words for producing good feelings?

That is my cause. Save dirty words for creating joy and wonder. Find other ways to express rage, hostility, displeasure.

I believe that it is semantic insanity for the same words to stand in for both the most delicious, ecstatic thoughts and for language that expresses our worst, most violent thoughts.

Recently as a beautiful female friend of mine described a struggle she was having, she used a torrent of f-word technology. I worked hard to listen compassionately to what she was saying, but my brain kept responding with oohs and ahhs with every eff.

We need to rescue dirty words and restore them to the nuggets of bliss that they are.